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by.RHO 2x Rolls Poly Foam Self Adhesive Weatherseal Tape Maximum Compression, charcoal weather stripping tape

  • Poly Foam Weatherseal

  • Maximum Compression. Fill gaps of stop cold/warm air leak.

  • Recommended for Indoor Use

  • 2X Rolls, Extra Long Tape (2 x 16.5ft)

  • Ultra Strong Self Adhesive. For optimum performance, please apply the tape at temperature above 50F

by.RHO Weatherseal


by.RHO Weatherseal
Do you have drafty door or window?
Is it a problem for you?

Here is the perfect solution.
The by.RHO weather seal tape.

Maximum Compression


Maximum Compression
Simple and Easy solution to stop your energy leak
The maximum compression by polyurethane foam.


Perfect Solution
It allow to protects against drafts, rain, snow, dust and insect infiltration

Widely Use
For various doors and windows, furniture, electrical cabinets, cars, etc

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