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Before the by.RHO screen repair tape was launched, it was not easy to repair the screen. There were only insufficient methods, such as paying a lot of money to call a professional, replacing the screen in hot weather, sewing it with a thread, or attaching it with a transparent tape that falls off easily. There were similar products in the form of tape, but there were only products that were difficult to attach or had very poor adhesion. We found this too inconvenient, so we launched the first tape-type screen repair tape in the US market.

Manufacturing screen repair tape is easy. But manufacturing good screen tape is difficult. It is even more difficult to secure consistent quality, just the right adhesion that is not too strong / not too weak, and good usability that does not stick to the hand, and maintain it for many years. The fact that by.RHO has been the No.1 bestseller on Amazon for many years shows how the quality is good.

In order to maintain the best products, we focus all our capabilities on the highest quality and customer satisfaction..



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