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by.RHO Super Transparent Draft Seal Weather Striping for Door and Window 1 inch x 1/125 inch Thick, 16FT



  • VARIOUS FUNCTIONS: Prevents wind, sounds,dust, cold, mosquitoes and other insects

  • ULTRA ADHESIVE: Ultra strong adhesive, usable for any surface.

  • SUPER CLEAR:Transparent Polyurethane.

  • EXCELLENT FLEXIBILITY : can be used in extreme weather without breaking.

  • WEATHER PROOF / TEMPERATURE RESISTANT: High Quality Polyurethane, Temperature Resistant.


by.RHO Self-Adhesive Condensation Drip Absorption Tape
Trouble with too much window condensation?
Water condensation builds up and drips down onto the frame causing rot.
Do you want to prevent condensation drip and prevent further damage to the frame?

Simple and Easy solution to absorb condensation drip.
It absorbs moisture caused by the temperature difference between indoors and outdoors during winter, and allows moisture to evaporate naturally.
It reduces pollution caused by condensation.
Reusable and Antibacterial absorbing tape 
A strong adhesive that leaves no foreign matter when it is removed

Usage Notes
Attach multiple strips in areas with high levels of moisture.
May not adhere to rough surfaces such as uneven glass, cement, or concrete.
Ability to absorb/evaporate moisture may be reduced when indoor humidity is excessive.
Do not attach it to wooden materials (wood will absorption will prevent evaporation).
Clean and dry the surface to which the product will be attached before attaching the product.

1. Wipe off any moisture and dust on the area where the product will be attached.
2. Cut the tape to the size of the glass.
3. Remove the release paper little by little as you attach the tape.


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