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by.RHO Window and Door Screen Repair Patch kit. 10 Patches

  • 3 LAYER STRUCTURE : Ultra STRONG adhesive & sticky usable for any screen surface. Check the release liner

  • EASIEST TO USE : No tool needed! Just place it to the tears and holes in your screen

  • SAVE YOUR MONEY & ENERGY : Stop buying expensive whole screen. Problems solved instantly.

  • Size : 3.5" × 3.5" / High & Low Temperature Resistance / High Quality Fiberglass

  • Gray Color / Fix holes and tears in window screens, screen doors, tent mesh, pool screens, RV screens, and more

The by.RHO Window and Door Screen Repair Patch Kit.

Need to repair a torn screen?
Here is the highest-quality screen repair patch.
The by.RHO Screen Repair Patch

1. Ultra-Strong adhesive and sticky

  • Some repair patches do not stick well.

  • by.RHO patch's adhesive strength is improved.

  • Don't worry about it sticking well.

  • High & Low Temperature Resistance (-4℉ ~ 140℉)

  •     * For perfect temperature resistance, please apply the patch at temperatures above 50ºF.

2. Easier and Cleaner use

  • Sticky glue is not applied on the other side of the patch

  • High quality FIBERGLASS

3. And very simple and easy to use.

  1. Clean the area of the screen you want to repair

  2. If the area is not neat, you may trim it

  3. Remove the release liner.

  4. Apply the patch onto the desired area.

4. Multi Purpose

  • For Window screen

  • For Screen door

  • On the any surface such as metal

  • For screen repair kit

by.RHO is officially registered brand on Amazon.zom.
Only by.RHO seller has the authority to sell by.RHO brand products.

by.RHO is not a wholesaler, so all the products are counterfeit except byRHO seller's one. The counterfeits do not stick to the screen. Please check the seller ID.

There are cases where a defective product (does not stick to the screen) arrives, if do not buy from the By.RHO seller.
Since the number of fraud cases has been increasing, please check the seller ID (by.RHO) before buying the products in order to avoid such harm.

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